About Cry Babyz® & Our Story

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At Cry Babyz®, we strive to create innovative products that are different, yet of the finest quality.
Our philosophy at Cry Babyz® is, “No matter how innovative a new design is, if it isn’t created with the finest, top quality materials from start to finish, it isn’t worth bringing to life.”

With that in mind, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality, unique, innovative products available! Not only do our products have to be fresh & stylish, but functional & practical as well!

While producing quality products is essential, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If we offer the best, but do not put our customers first, we really have nothing to offer! At Cry Babyz®, you are the most important person. We pride ourselves in

  • Our service and attention to detail
  • Doing everything possible to make sure you have a rewarding shopping experience with us even beyond the arrival of your purchase!

Our future goals at Cry Babyz® are to continue to grow our business and provide you with quality, innovative products for years to come!

Meet the Owner

Janet Stacks is 100% committed and dedicated to her thriving business, but her inspiration and driving force is her family. Her husband and four boys have all contributed their own time at different points, lending her support and valued help.

When Janet is not pouring herself into Cry Babyz® and her valued customers, she enjoys spending time with her family and cheering on her sons, who are all pursuing their life callings in different ways.

Now that you have gained a little insight into Cry Babyz®, we hope we can get to know you as well! Please feel free to contact us any time with questions, concerns, or if you need assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!